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District Meet: 10-10-18

Posted Date: 10/13/2018

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Cross Country: 10-10-18

This week’s Cross Country meet was a big one with it being District. It was in Covington, for the first time in awhile. The Eagles did their best, like always and ran some of their best times.


Junior High Girls:

Briseyda Romo- 15:50

Bianca Aviles- 17:12

Junior High Boys:

Keylan Watts- 14:26

Mark Garcia- 14:48

Sergio Ramirez- 16:50

Marcus Alvarado- 19:59

Damian Herrada- 22:49


High School Girls:

Mailei Aviles- 16:30

Gracelyn Ramirez-17:57

Nia Aviles- 18:13

Maribel Herrada- 20:13

Dariela Ramirez- 22:08

Mia Garcia- 22:38

High School Boys:

Sergio Escamilla- 23:00

Enrique Lira- 25:46

Ivan Alvarez- 30:01


Unfortunately none of our runners advanced to Regionals, but our Eagles will keep training and be ready for next year. Also, a congrats to Briseyda Romo (8th place) and Keylan Watts (10th place) for getting a medal in the Junior High Division.

*A thank you to Reynaldo Romo for taking Cross Country photos at every meet, the team appreciates your dedication.*