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JH Eagles vs. Gorman Cubs

Posted Date: 10/09/2019

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J.H. Eagles vs. Gorman Cubs

The friday night of last week the J.H. Eagles went against the Gorman Cubs although they did not win the game, they gave it their all and that's what matters. At the start of the game the J.H. were giving Gorman a run for their money, but that didn’t last all game you see after half-time Gorman got it together and started making their comeback. They got their points neck and neck 20-21 and this was the J.H. last chance to win the game there was one second on the clock and all they needed to do was score a touchdown, but in the end the J.H. Eagles did not make that touchdown and Gorman Cubs won the game. Although we lost we still had fun, and next game J.H. won't go down without a fight they’ll make their last game one to remember.