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Eagles V. Bobcats

Posted Date: 01/31/2020

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Eagles V. Bobcats


After a crazy and stressful game from the girls, the boys played their match against Blum. This game was a special game for the Morgan Eagles boys, because the Eagles dedicated this game to Kobe Bryant who sadly died in a helicopter crash. Derik Davenport even wore Kobe Bryant’s number in dedication to him. The boys started off the first quarter with scoring a three and a two by Derik Davenport(#24) and later on scoring another three by Emilio Villalovos(#25). The boys started and finished the first quarter great! The first quarter final score was 12-8 with the boys in the lead. The second quarter of the boys game was kinda intense, because both the Eagles and Bobcats were neck to neck on the scoreboard. Each team scoring and tying up with one another. This quarter was intense and will continue to go on in the other quarter. The final score of the second quarter was 24-21 with the Eagles still in the lead. The third quarter began and already both teams were making their shots back to back. The Bobcats were determined to catch up to the Eagles, but the Eagles weren't going to let them! The Eagles still played their best to the very end of the quarter. The score was 34-32 with the Eagles still in the lead. The fourth quarter had all of the same emotions as the girls game. The stress of the audiences and teams while watching both of the teams one upping each other, but only one team would come out victorious. At the very end, the Eagles came out victorious beating the Bobcats. The final score of the game was 53-47 with the Eagles taking the “dub”!


Remembering Kobe Bryant & Gigi, Rest In Peace.