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Lady Eagles V. Covington Lady Owls

Posted Date: 02/11/2020

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On Friday, the Lady Eagles played one of their most important games yet, against the Lady Owls. If the Lady Eagles won this game, they would officially secure their third-place spot in district and would be going to playoffs. Although the Lady Eagles didn’t get the tip, they still went into a tough defense and got the ball back right away. Nia Aviles (#3) was the first to score with an easy layup. The Lady Eagles kept the hard work up throughout the first quarter and had a five-point lead. The second quarter was a little different. Unfortunately, the Lady Eagles soon got into foul trouble and the Lady Owls scored some points from free throws. By halftime, the score was 21-19 and the Morgan fans were getting nervous. Coming out to the third quarter, the Lady Eagles were more ready than ever to win this game. Just 20 seconds in, Nia Aviles again scores and gets the crowd going wild. After this, the Lady Owls caught up, but the lead was going back and forth for quite a while. Only four minutes into the third quarter both Julie Monroy (#22) and Amber Bridges (#15) had four fouls and now there were only guards on the floor. This set in panic and the last four minutes of the third quarter were hectic, but Mia Garcia (#14) kept us in the game from scoring all her free throws. It was a tie when the fourth quarter started, but Julie and Amber finally got to go back in and everyone knew they would help the Lady Eagles out. It was neck and neck until the Lady Eagles got into double bonus and the Lady Owls kept fouling. The game ended with two more free throws made by Gracelyn Ramirez (#12) and a big celebration from the Lady Eagles. After the game was Senior Night for the only senior playing basketball, Mailei Aviles. The team is going to miss you a lot next year and we know you will do great things! We love you!


Playoff Bound!!🦅