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@ Oglesby

Posted Date: 09/28/2020

The Morgan Eagles played on a field that had water busting at the hash seams of the football field at Oglesby's Tiger Stadium during warm-ups. The Eagles knew it was going to be a messy ball game but we're looking forward to playing in a wet game. After the previous weeks of hot weather, this game was a change of pace and a relief. The Tigers recovered the first two onside kicks to begin the game. It did not start well for the Eagles. But the Eagles were patient and got a feel for playing in the mud. The Eagles were able to tie Oglesby first and only score in the first quarter by Manuel Muniz passing to Derik Davenport for a 57 yard catch. Davenport would go on and score on another pass from Muniz for 5 yards out. Davenport would have a hand in a touchdown by passing to Gerardo Monroy for a tipped catch off his own hands for 40 yards. Ivan Alvarez would add a 22 yard touchdown run as well. Dathen Davenport would add 2 points with a safety. Both the Tigers and the Eagles would suffer with bad snaps and pitches that made it difficult to get anything going offensively. The Tigers put a valiant effort but the Eagles came out on top by getting some breaks by throwing the wet ball in a Monsoon. It literally poured during part of the first half. The Eagles are fortunate to pull a win and look forward to playing Bynum next week.

Final Score 27-6

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