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First Day of School

Posted Date: 09/10/2018

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First Day of School

First Day of School was a success, all of the kids were eager to finally be back and meet their new teachers. With a new year comes new responsibilities for students who are moving up to busier schedules and new opportunities to grow.  Teachers and students have already started the learning process. As the students get older the amount of homework they will have continue to increase and become more complex. Sure, nobody really likes homework but its a must have item to be able to learn.


From the Pre- K to the Senior class the positivity flows all around the school. Our goal for this year is to inspire our students to think outside the box, and inspire to them to be more responsible students pushing themselves to achieve new goals. We hope that this school year will bring, not only good and positive outcomes, but also a memorable year for our students. Just like our school song states “... the goal of Morgan High School is too always meet the test.”

- Sergio Escamilla