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Coach Harrison

Posted Date: 11/04/2019

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Coach Harrison

Coach Harrison's real name is Jeff Vincent Harrison, he is 41 years old and has a wife named Genevieve Harrison. , and together they both raise seven kids ranging from ages 21-8. He was born in San Angelo TX. and graduated from San Angelo High School, After high school, he went to college at San Angelo State University and got his degree in business-business degree. After all his schooling he taught at Business School to help people wanting to start a business. While he was doing that, he started to gain an interest in History. So he decided to teach Secondary History. 

Coach Harrison now works in Morgan I.S.D. where he coaches Basketball, track and helps with football in addition to coaching he also teaches secondary History. His favorite sport to coach basketball because he enjoys the fundamentals of the game. He says that he is excited about a new school year because they get to play basketball in the new gym. This year he coaches teach only boys basketball, whereas last year he taught girls and boys. 

Secondary History is going to involve a lot of new Challenges. He says that history left an impact on him.  

Harrison says that the reason he decided to work in Morgan was that he wanted to be somewhere special and make an impact. He also says he likes the community because we are so close at this school that we would do anything to help one another. 

Coach Harrison has done a lot for this school and we as a community are excited to see what comes next!!!