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Beginning of the school year 2019

Posted Date: 09/05/2019

Here we are, seven days in and already hitting the ground running in many of our classes. Over the summer we all had time to get away from the daily grind and clear our heads from STAAR, accountability, homework, athletics, and so on. So with that break, my hope is that we are all returning with this renewed energy to attack this new year and build on the huge success we had last year. 


Our mindset needs to about continued growth and success. Success is a habit that we build and does not come free. We have to work for our successes. We cannot be okay with getting by, we have to want to push our successes to the highest levels we can reach. That is in anything we do this year. Whether that is in athletics, academics, extracurricular activities, or even home life. We are planning on having an amazing year, but that year can't be amazing without your hard work and effort. 


Juan Ramirez

Principal, Morgan ISD


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