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Principle News and Notes

Posted Date: 11/05/2019

Holiday season. It's in full swing. Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.  All these holiday signify some many things and for some people can hold a deeper meaning. Whether it's a tradition that binds your family, your chance to reflect, your chance to be thankful, your chance to give or receive, or whatever the case may be. These next few months bring a lot of emotions and memories with them. 


Sometimes these holidays can present a lot of stress for students and their families. Sometimes they present a lot of anxiety. But for the school community itself, these holidays represent landmarks in the calendar year. 


For Thanksgiving break, it means we have made it through the long push of the start of school and we get a moment to be thankful we survived the start of school. Christmas break basically means we have made it to the mid way point and have about a half a year of school left. Hopefully we have been good enough to receive a safe and relaxing two week break. The New Year just tells us that the two week break is almost over and it's time to start getting our brains and bodies ready to get back to work. Sharpening the minds as we prepare for the long push before testing. 


The holiday season is just a chance for us to forget all about the stress of testing for students and teachers. Be thankful for your time off. Wish for a white Christmas. And look forward to the year where everyone can see clearly from any distance. 


Happy Holidays!!!


Juan Ramirez

Principal, Morgan ISD


Work: 254-635-2311

Fax: 254-635-2129