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Principal's News & Notes

Dear Parents of Morgan ISD, 

I am writing today to tell each of you thank you for the work you are doing to help us in this difficult time of trying to help teach your students. You all have played an active role in the education of your students when we were in our normal traditional setting, but now we are asking for so much more of you. You play such a larger role in everything we do now. We need your help making sure your students are getting to class in time. This was the teachers’ job when they were roaming the halls. Teachers would stand outside of class and tell kids to get to their next class. I can still hear Mr. Gosdin, “Where are you suppose to be? This isn’t your class. Go to your class.” LOL! Man how I miss that. Parents, you are now my hall monitors. I need you to get these kids into their classes so we can teach. 

Parents, you will also need to be our teachers. Yes the teachers will be building the assignments, but we will need you checking over their shoulders to make sure they stay on task. Monitor how they are working. If they look to be struggling please ask them questions about what they are struggling with and then let us know. We want to help the best we can. Also, make sure they stay awake in class. If they don’t stay awake and refuse to work, well now we ask that you become the next person on the list. 

Parents, you will need to be the principal. Here you will need to find ways to motivate your students to learn and want to learn. You will need to listen to their concerns and try and understand why they feel they are struggling. Now you need to be more of a listener. You will need to help them come to the answer on their own and help them see they have the processing skills to be productive. And if all else fails, well, time to move on that next phase of consequences. Sorry kids, I have no say here. LOL!

Finally parents, you will need to take time to take care of yourselves. Take time to breathe through this process and try and find ways to relax. You are not expected to know all the answers, nor are you expected to do this alone. We are a team. More now than ever, we have to be the best team possible. Understand our roles and work together. I am thankful that I have had the pleasure to have each of your students in our school. I miss seeing each of them in the halls and joking with them. 

Please keep working hard and trust in what we are doing as a school and community. When this is all said and done with Morgan ISD will be better equipped for the 21st century learner. Thank you. 

Juan Ramirez

Principal, Morgan ISD


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