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Morgan Eagles Basketball Break

Posted Date: 01/13/2020

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Morgan Eagles Basketball Break 

Over the winter break the Morgan Eagles went against Mineral Wells Community Christian, Sidney, Bluff Dale, Gordan, and Avalon. Our first game was against Mineral Wells in the Gordon Tournament.  This game was tight; we were in the lead but they were always right behind us. At the end, we were in a three point lead but the game was extended by 2 seconds because a referee didn’t call a timeout.  In the end we got one more point and made sure that they couldn’t turn it around. The final score was 58-54.

  Next in the tournament was Sidney. In the start it got crazy but our Eagles kept calm and played the game. They managed to get a lead and ran with it; they had a final score of 52-35. After that we went against Bluff Dale. This game was a close one as well, granted we stayed ahead of them the entire game and non the less the Morgan Eagles won with a score of 58-50. 

       The next and final game of the Gordan tournament was Gordan themselves and this couldn’t be a more stressful game. This was the last game for the Eagles and if they won they would win the tournament. We stayed behind them for a long time but not too far behind for a comeback which we did. The Morgan Eagles kept it going and managed to win the game with a score of 70-62 and the Morgan Eagles won their 3rd tournament.

After the Gordan tournament, the Morgan Eagles went against Avalon. This game wasn’t a fun one as the Morgan Eagles weren’t at their A-game, but they still tried their hardest though and it doesn't always need to be a win, but it can be a learning experience. In the end the boys lost but kept their heads up for their next games.