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Meet The Coaches

The goal of Morgan Independent School District's (MISD) coaching staff is to provide quality coaching and guidance to student-athletes in order to help them achieve their full potential both on and off the field. The coaching staff works to foster a positive and supportive environment that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth. They provide athletes with the tools and skills necessary to improve their performance, set and achieve goals, and develop a strong work ethic. Ultimately, the goal of the MISD coaching staff is to help student-athletes become well-rounded individuals who are prepared to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

An image of Brittney Mitchell

Brittney Mitchell

An image of Wanda McKinney

Wanda McKinney

Interim Athletic Director
An image of Leslie Wilson

Leslie Wilson

An image of Jordan Zarate

Jordan Zarate

An image of Nathan Gandy

Nathan Gandy