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Resources for Academic Success

Welcome Parents and Families!

As we constantly strive to make Morgan ISD a better place, we also want to support our parents and families. Below is helpful information to support your students’ academic success.


Parent and Families Newsletter – Adapted in Spanish as well. The site offers newsletters and information you can do at home to help support your student’s study habits. It also includes free apps for English language learning.

The Family Learning Connection – monthly newsletter providing tips and strategies to help your student be successful as well as information regarding state and post-secondary assessments.


5 Key Strategies for Success

  1. Set Goals – having a clear focus increases your chances of achieving your goals. Create a goal and action steps but remember to be flexible.
  2. Ask Questions – when I talk to students and I ask them questions, they may honestly not know the answers. Ask questions about due dates, homework assignments if you don’t know, or deadlines. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Know Testing – Understanding when you are going to be testing is important. Knowing testing dates (both classroom and state testing) allows you to be ready both mentally and physically. Don’t get caught off guard. 
  4. Stay in the Know – Check grades regularly so that you always know your class average. Visit the school website or classroom websites regularly. 
  5. Get Organized – It is amazing what being organized can do for you. Organization reduces stress and anxiety. Clean out your backpack regularly, create a consistent space for homework, and