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A Day in the Life of Rosally Lira

Posted Date: 12/02/2019

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A Day in the Life of Rosally Lira

Rosally Lira is a student at Morgan ISD who is in Pre-K. I decided to interview Rosally this six weeks because of her interesting home life and obsession with unicorns. Rosally lives with her mom, dad, brother Ricky, and her Uncle Paulo. Although she sometimes forgets that her uncle lives with her, Rosally loves her family. Rosally does not own any pets other than the cat that roams around her house outside, but her some of her favorite animals include: unicorns, pigs, cows, and chickens (because she enjoys eating them). This is only the beginning of getting to know Rosally Lira.

Rosally’s favorite place to be other than home is the school of Morgan. Her favorite activity to do is drink water, apple juice, and chocolate milk. However, she does not enjoy drinking white milk. Other than consuming delicious drinks, Rosally likes hanging out with her best friend Gracie, who is in junior year of high school, and her fellow classmate, Hannah. Although kids her age are not allowed to play sports for the school, they can join Little League sports. This is no problem for Rosally though because she doesn't like playing any sports because she believes they are too difficult. By the end of the school day, Rosally is ready to come home and see her awesome family. 

Immediately after the final bell rings, Rosally goes to her Ama’s house and eats some of her favorite food. Rosally loves to eat chicken, pancakes, tacos, strawberries, and more chicken. After her mom picks her up from her Ama’s, she goes home and plays with her favorite toys. Her favorite toys includes the “mom” and “dad” Barbie dolls she owns. She also likes to watch funny videos with her brother and sing her favorite song, “Unicorn”. Rosally says the song is not real, but it really is. 

Rosally Lira is a simple girl with a simple life. Interviewing her really opened my eyes to what it’s like to be a child again. I know Rosally is going to grow up to become a fun and independent young lady.

Written by Gracelyn Ramirez